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1.1. Understanding MobileSMS.io Services


Welcome to MobileSMS.io! In this guide, we'll delve into the various services offered by MobileSMS.io, a leading provider of temporary and long-term phone number rental services. Our goal is to help you navigate through our offerings and understand how they can fit your unique requirements.

1. What is MobileSMS.io?

MobileSMS.io is a premium service offering non-VoIP phone numbers from real SIM cards, designed to meet your SMS verification needs. Our service is ideal for those looking to bypass SMS verification on various websites and apps without using their personal phone numbers.

2. Types of Services

We offer a range of services to cater to different needs:

  • One-Time-Use 10-Minute Numbers: Perfect for one-off verifications, these disposable numbers are valid for 10 minutes and can be used for signing up on websites and services requiring a phone number for initial verification.

  • Long Term Phone Number Rental for Specific Websites: Choose this option if you require a phone number for receiving unlimited SMS verification codes from a particular website or service. Rental periods vary from 7 to 90 days, offering flexibility based on your needs.

  • Long Term Phone Number Rental for Unlimited Services: Ideal for those who need to verify accounts across multiple websites. This option provides a phone number that can be used for any number of services during the rental period.

3. Why Choose MobileSMS.io?

  • Real SIM-Card Numbers: Our numbers are sourced from legitimate mobile carriers, ensuring high compatibility and success rates for verifications.

  • Global Reach: We offer numbers from various countries, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions and access global services.

  • Privacy and Security: Using our temporary numbers helps protect your personal information and reduces the risk of spam and fraudulent activities.

4. How It Works

Using MobileSMS.io is simple:

a. Sign Up: Create your MobileSMS.io account.

b. Top-Up Credits: Add credits to your account for purchasing numbers.

c. Choose Your Number: Select the type of number you need (disposable or long-term) and the country it should be from.

d. Receive SMS: Use the number for SMS verification, and the code will be displayed on your MobileSMS.io dashboard.


At MobileSMS.io, we're committed to providing a seamless and secure experience for SMS verification. Whether it's for one-time use or long-term needs, our services are designed to offer flexibility and reliability. Explore our offerings and find the perfect solution for your verification requirements!

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