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2.1. Resolving Billing and Payment Queries

Resolving Billing and Payment Queries


Understanding and managing billing and payments is crucial for a seamless experience with MobileSMS.io. This guide aims to address common billing queries and provide clear steps for resolving any payment-related issues you might encounter.

1. Topping-Up Your Account

For using one-time use phone numbers, you first need to add credit to your account. This can be done here. Your account credits will be used each time you successfully receive an SMS verification code.

Understanding the Credit Deduction Process:

2. Submitting a Support Ticket for Billing Queries

If you have questions regarding your billing or need to report an issue, we encourage you to submit a support ticket. Here's what you should include:

Submit your support ticket here.

3. Our 7-Day Money Back Guarantee

We understand that sometimes our service might not meet your specific needs. That's why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If our service does not work for your use case, simply send us a support ticket within 7 days of your purchase. We're here to help and ensure your satisfaction.


At MobileSMS.io, we are committed to providing a transparent and user-friendly billing experience. Whether you're topping up your account, seeking clarifications, or requesting a refund, our support team is dedicated to assisting you. Remember, effective communication is key to resolving billing and payment queries swiftly and efficiently.

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