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3.1. Understanding and Choosing Long-Term Rentals

Understanding and Choosing Long-Term Rentals

Navigating the world of phone number rentals can be complex, but MobileSMS.io simplifies this process with its range of long-term rental options. Understanding these options is key to choosing the right service for your needs.

Here is the Long Term Rentals page in MobileSMS.io.

Why Non-VoIP Numbers?

All numbers provided by MobileSMS.io are non-VoIP, which sets them apart from services like Burner App, Google Voice, and Second Line. Non-VoIP numbers offer universal compatibility and reliability for website registrations, making them a superior choice for SMS verification.

Disposable Phone Numbers: Ideal for One-Off Use

If you need a number for a one-time registration that doesn’t require SMS re-verification, our disposable phone numbers are your best bet. These temporary, one-time-use numbers are perfect for:

Long-Term Numbers: For Ongoing Verification Needs

For needs extending beyond a single use, long-term numbers are advisable. They are especially beneficial for:

All-Services Phone Number: The Premium Choice

For the ultimate in flexibility and convenience, consider the all-services phone number. This premium solution is ideal for users who require a dedicated number for multiple services. It's perfect if:

Introducing Slack and Discord Integration

New Update: MobileSMS.io now offers integration with Slack and Discord via webhooks. This feature allows SMS verification codes to be sent directly to your Slack or Discord channels, making it an excellent tool for team sharing of phone verification numbers. Whether you're managing a team or need a collaborative solution, this integration ensures that SMS verifications are streamlined and accessible by relevant team members in real time. Check it out here.

Making Your Choice

Consider the following when deciding between disposable and long-term numbers:

Long-Term Rental Plans

MobileSMS.io offers flexible, pay-as-you-go plans for long-term rentals, ensuring privacy and convenience with real SIM-card numbers. Here are our plan options:

Note: Phone number assignment may take 24-48 hours depending on our inventory.
If issues arise with 'All Services,' re-activate the number again after 15 minutes.

Experience Maximum Privacy and Flexibility

With MobileSMS.io, you get access to brand-new, never-used real SIM-card numbers, ensuring maximum privacy and flexibility. Whether it’s for personal use or your business needs, our long-term rental options cater to a variety of scenarios, offering hassle-free auto-renewals and a range of plans to suit your specific requirements.


Choosing the right phone number rental service is crucial for your SMS verification needs. With MobileSMS.io’s long-term rentals, you gain the reliability of non-VoIP numbers, the convenience of various plans, and the flexibility to match your specific needs. Make an informed decision and enjoy a seamless verification process with MobileSMS.io, now enhanced with Slack and Discord integration for team collaboration.

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