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4.1. What Services and Apps Are Compatible?

What Services and Apps Are Compatible with MobileSMS.io?


Welcome to the compatibility guide for MobileSMS.io! Our service specializes in providing non-VoIP phone numbers, ideal for a wide range of online verifications. Here, we'll guide you through the compatibility of our phone numbers with various services and apps.

1. Broad Compatibility

Since MobileSMS.io uses real SIM-card phone numbers, our service can be used with virtually any website or app that requires phone number verification. Our primary and most reliable numbers are based in the USA, UK, and the Netherlands. Although we offer phone numbers from other countries, these three are our strongest and most recommended options.

2. Preferred Countries: USA, UK, and Netherlands

For the best results and a smoother verification process, we recommend starting with phone numbers from these preferred countries.

3. Using the 'Other' Option

If your app or service isn't specifically listed in our system, don't worry! Select the "Other" option. This is a catch-all choice for any website or app that isn't explicitly mentioned. Our non-VoIP numbers are versatile and typically just work, especially when using numbers from our preferred countries.

4. Requesting New Application/Website Compatibility

At MobileSMS.io, we're constantly expanding our service to meet your needs. If you need a phone number for a specific website or app that's not listed, you can request its addition by submitting a support ticket with the following information:


With MobileSMS.io, you can explore a world of services and apps without worrying about compatibility issues. Our non-VoIP phone numbers offer a reliable and versatile solution for your SMS verification needs. If you encounter any issues or have special requests, our support team is always ready to assist you.

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