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How do I use your Disposable Phone Numbers?

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Step 1: Request a temporary phone number from our system. We will ask you what Country and what website/app you need the temporary number for. We ask for this information so our system knows what type of SMS verification message to expect and to ensure it’s delivered to you correctly.

Step 2: Once we provide you with a temporary phone number, you will have seven minutes to use it. When the website or app that you are signing up for, asks you for your phone number, input our disposable phone number instead.

Step 3: Once the website/app sends the SMS Verification Code to the disposable phone number, we will display the SMS Verification Code on our website for you to use.

It might take anywhere from 5-45 seconds for the SMS Verification Code to appear in the dashboard.

Remember, if you are not successful in receiving the SMS Verification Code, you won’t be charged for the disposable phone number. We will only deduct from your balance if you successfully receive the SMS Verification code.

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